Taking the leap

Yesterday, we enrolled KM for TMA’s homeschooling program.  He was very excited to buy his books and was very cheerful as usual to all the gracious TMA staffers who assisted us.  We chose TMA for its years of experience and reliable support, being a pioneering homeschooling institution in the country.

We know in our hearts that we are doing this for the right reasons.   We do not yet know the how’s but as we know the why’s, it’s a good start.

Homeschooling was not an easy decision to make.  We both come from traditional families, and are grateful for the education that we had growing up. We are fortunate that our families respect our decision for our own growing family.

We want to offer our children the best.  For us, homeschooling gives us the opportunity to do just that with the universe as our classroom, and our most precious commodity, our time, on the table.

It is one big step and yes, we are nervous and excited.

Kinder 1, here we come!

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