Rocket Math

Math is currently KM’s favorite subject.  Just a little bit more than two weeks into our homeschooling for this school year, and we are almost done with First Quarter lessons.  Hurray!  That’s how excited he is in learning the next lessons.  We will have enough time for fun exercises, games and drills, yey!

Singapore Math was a hit with KM last year (I’m thinking of going back to it sometime this year).  It is perfect for KM’s learning style as he easily grasped the concepts and would always request that we study it first.

As for games, Rocket Math is currently KM’s favorite on the iPad.


It allows KM to hone his math skills while playing and having fun.  He plays it on his own initiative and spends a couple of minutes playing with it, so he must be having fun.  So glad we found this for the iPad.

Rocket Math is a good practice for both speed and accuracy.  It’s going to be a fun supplement to the TLS timed math worksheets, which we will try for practice in the next few days.

Yes, learning math can be fun 🙂

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