Healthy Water for Kids

Distilled, mineral, sparkling, alkaline, purified.. there are so many types of water out there.

For our family, especially for the kids, we used to buy several bottles of Brand W distilled water every week because of its perceived safety and cleanliness vs drinking tap water.  It just became natural for us to extend its use as the pediatrician has recommended them for newborn babies.  If they’re safe for babies, they’re safe for kids and adults, right?  KM is now a first grader and MJ a toddler.  How I wish I researched on this earlier.

Through research (online, books and seminars), I have since come to know re: the dangers of distilled water especially for kids.   I have learned that distilled water is only ideal for kids up to the point when they are able to eat solids already.  Distilled water, while purified, is devoid of minerals and can actually make the body more acidic.  It is considered as “dead water”.  I actually feel guilty now when I think of the time when KM had diarrhea and I made him drink lots of W distilled water, not knowing that it can actually make him lose more electrolytes and minerals!

That is why I am so grateful that I came across Bio Mineral Pot (BMP) from Waters Philippines through one of the business seminars I attended.  I became curious as we were really on the lookout for an alternative to purified water due to frustration with our supplier’s delivery, water quality, etc.  I attended a product orientation and came to know of the superior health benefits of alkaline water.  I also did the numbers and learned that our family can actually save more than PhP 18,000 per year (we were spending around P350 per week for distilled water and purified water delivery).  Imagine that!  We immediately bought one (via 3-month 0% interest installment) and I now consider it as our best health investment for the year.

(Picture on left: KM enjoying his glass of alkaline water from our Waters BMP unit.)

I have since shared the good news with my parents, inlaws and some close friends.  They have also made the jump and are now enjoying unlimited supply of healthy alkaline water from Waters BMP. (It is a 3-in-1 dispenser – converting tap water, with no electricity, to purified, mineral and alkaline water).

We now carry around regularly our water bottle containers with alkaline water whenever we go out.  So glad I don’t have to buy anymore of those distilled water bottles in the stores!


Update: I have been getting lots of inquiries on how to purchase Waters BMP, that we have decided to be distributors ourselves.  Leave me a message if you’d like to have one for your own family and loved ones.

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