My Passport to India

With today’s modern technology, what seemed impossible or difficult to do before is made possible now, with the click of a mouse.

Including travel – virtually.

Via Sonlight, I learned about My Passport to India:

“Last fall, Sonlight families took a thrilling virtual tour through the cities and villages of India. Our friends over at Mission India produced an incredible online video program and took us around by plane, train and rickshaw to see the “real India.” “

Photo from My Passport to India website

According to its website: My Passport to India is an exciting online program by Mission India. Participants will explore the nation of India and how God is transforming lives through the efforts of local believers through a series of online videos and related educational content. It features a unique virtual experience to travel in India via 10 videos that tells about:

  • Stories & photos about real kids in India
  • Family devotionals
  • Activities to help you discover more about India

I’m excited to embark on this online discovery with KM. I have a feeling we will learn a lot from the experience.  I hope we can have something like this for the Philippines. As always, your thoughts and/or feedback are welcome!

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